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Helping Hands


Little Steps Big Goals provides individualised therapy, parent and educational setting coaching and support.

We specialise in neurodivergent affirming support and early intervention best practices.

Emotional regulation skills & behavioural strategies

•    Key workers have experience in: implementing Social Thinking® concepts, Zones of regulation® .

•  An awareness of behavioural theories and strategies and implementing these support strategies in a neuro-affirming way as a trauma-informed practitioner.

• Use sensory preferences during therapy sessions and working on a range of fine and gross motor skill goals.

Communication & social skills.

•    Key workers are: Hanen certified practitioners of the ‘4 I's to socialise®' program and an awareness that language is 'More Than Words™' and incorporating naturalistic behavioural interventions.

•   Experienced in implementing the Karen Stagnitti's Learn to play model.

Augmentative & Alternative Communication.

•  Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) implementation in learning, schedules and to improve executive function.

•  Key Word Sign (KWS) trained, SGDs and completed PODD/ALDs assisted scanning strategies trained (incl. knowledge of AAC application for individuals who have visual and hearing impairments).

•    Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) 

•  Knowledge in / or trained in differences between analytical language processing and gestalt language processing styles of communication. 

Working with the therapy team and using multiple approaches to meet your goals!

Our key workers come from speech therapy, occupational therapy, psychology, social work or early childhood specialist education backgrounds who specialise in early intervention and neurodiversity.

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